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The cost of love in Miami? A Bachelorette contestant shares his story

Oct 13, 2021    |    Tropical Financial Credit Union

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Ladies, ever met a guy and wanted to understand his intentions? Do you want to know how men think when dating in Miami and Fort Lauderdale? We have it all here from a guy’s perspective. Dating during a pandemic can be challenging, even more so in a multi-county and multicultural area like South Florida. No one knows this more than Kyle Howard.

Eligible Bachelor number one Kyle Howard is a Florida Gator alum and former contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette. After visiting California and Arizona for the show, he moved to South Florida to start his career. Kyle applied life lessons to dating in Miami and Fort Lauderdale like most men with a smooth Southern charm. Graduating from the University of Florida during the pandemic, Kyle had moved recently to our area, meaning he was on a tight budget. He had to learn how to balance his finances while looking for his dream job and soul mate in a new city.

Finding love without a budget

At one point, Kyle spent $1,000 a week dating. He knew it had to stop. An extravagant Miami lifestyle can become expensive very quickly. Kyle's honest intention was to find someone to hang out with and have a long-lasting connection as a transplant from Western Florida with traditional dating habits. He was looking for the woman to give his rose. Where could he find her? Bars were closed, but restaurants were not. The dating receipts kept on piling up. He knew he had to curb his spending habits and dating expenses.



Kyle’s solution

Kyle decided to take some time off to self-reflect and figure out the type of woman to get his rose and his heart. He learned how to meet women closer to him instead of driving 40 miles one way to meet someone in southern Miami. Kyle adjusted his dating apps to search for women closer to his zip code. He realized that meeting for coffee was a better option, more affordable, and he could spend time chatting and getting to know his new acquaintance. Meeting for coffee also took a lot of the pressure off of the encounter. You didn’t have dress to impress.

Landing his dream job helped his dating habits

Kyle eventually landed his dream job as a recruiter and applied his new profession to dating. In essence, "recruiting the right lady to date." He got better with time. It was not easy; it took time for him to learn the type of South Floridian woman he was looking for. In the beginning, going out on a few dates helped him figure out who he did not want to date and eventually taught him how to save money, too.


Kyle answers questions women want to know about dating

Do men plan out the date in advance? Do they budget for the date? According to Kyle, every guy does the math in their head while on a date. Dating for Kyle was truly about connection.

“If the woman was truly into me, coffee should be ok. We didn’t need the $200 meal. Starting small, going out for coffee or drinks truly takes the pressure off. It makes the interaction more organic.” – said Kyle. “If you start dating at an expensive restaurant, it will become more expensive.”

Kyle likes women who are mindful of the cost of things. To him, it shows that a woman has empathy. She is looking past the present and is preparing for their future financially. He was not interested in dating around.

What about The Bachelorette?

Unfortunately, Kyle was on for just a few episodes. He does not regret going on the show at all. He made friends while being a contestant on The Bachelorette and keeps in contact with other contestants such as Karl S., David S., John H., Conor C., and Mike P.

Kyle's best advice, take it slow. He hopes guys will see him as an example and learn from his mistakes. Going out for coffee is the best first date option to finding the one to receive the rose.

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