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Fort Lauderdale Attorney Positive Similarities with Credit Unions

Aug 18, 2021    |    Tropical Financial Credit Union

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In one of our recent Get Beyond Money podcast episodes, titled “Giving Back to your local community,” attorney Kevin McGill of GMV Law Group LLC speaks about why he became an attorney. McGill did not think he was smart enough to become an attorney. His passion and drive to serve the underserved fueled his success through law school at the University of Miami, the Broward County Public Defender’s Office, and eventually allowed him to start his practice in Fort Lauderdale. McGill believes that even though others may see his clients as guilty, to him, they are people who have made bad decisions and deserve a second chance. He enjoys fighting for social justice and advocating for change in Miami and Fort Lauderdale through his work and philanthropic donations.

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Similarities with Credit Unions

Like McGill’s desire to help others, credit unions were created years ago by underserved individuals who were overlooked by the big banks. These people pooled their money together, loaned money to one another, and made a thriving financial industry that stemmed from compassion for their neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family. From these humble beginnings, credit unions have thrived to become financially solid institutions offering products and services to rival any big bank.

Want to access your account remotely through your laptop or cell phone? You can do it with your local credit union. What about getting a mortgage, auto loan, or personal loan? Credit unions have those too. Interested in investing? Check! How about business accounts? Yes, to that one as well. Credit unions can even help you purchase a commercial property as an investment for your expanding business. In addition, credit unions’ credit cards usually have a lower interest rate when compared to those big banks that advertise using expensive celebrities. You can even link your account to Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle.

For these reasons, among others, credit unions are a better financial option and a safe place to put your money. Here are a few more reasons why you should open an account:

 More about Credit Unions

1. Credit unions care about the local community and the people they serve. If you are into buying local, why aren’t you banking local as well?      

2. Credit unions give back to the local community. It’s not just about charity; it’s genuinely about financial wellness for the community. Credit unions have a robust financial wellness program to help members thrive and get beyond their current financial situation. Having neighbors who can afford to pay their bills will help boost our economy.

3. Members (credit unions’ term for customers) own their credit unions. That’s right, as a member of a credit union, you are also part owner of your local financial institution. Can you say the same for your bank?

4. Credit unions are not-for-profit. Big banks are definitely in it for the money. They answer to stakeholders who are concerned with one thing, making a profit. As a not-for-profit financial institution, credit unions usually give back to their members through lower rates on loans and higher returns on investments. In addition, they offer products and services at a discount to their members. It’s part of the credit union difference.

5. Credit unions understand your personal needs. They are run by a volunteer board of directors who are residents of West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, just like you. Our staff understands your concerns because they have faced the same worries themselves.

People Helping People  

McGill believes in turning around juveniles and showing them the path to empowerment. Credit unions also believe in teaching members how to pay off bills and become financially empowered. Society has given up on his clients, but McGill won’t. Similarly, credit unions will always be there for their members. We do not give up on them. McGill and his law firm partner have become family, just as we see our members as family. Defending people’s mistakes is what McGill does best, just as credit unions assist members who may have made a few financial mistakes. This is what community is all about, getting beyond money and giving back to our neighbors. Make the right money move and open an account with Tropical Financial Credit Union today.