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Get Beyond Money's Ultimate Fan - Ryan H Kaufman

Jan 4, 2022    |    Tropical Financial Credit Union

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Have you been tuning in to our Get Beyond Money Podcast? Are you an ultimate fan? Meet Ryan Kaufman, a millennial from Davie, Florida, who works in real estate. Ryan is serious about his money. As a young professional, he is focused on personal financial responsibility and long-term success. Being part of the Get Beyond Money community has helped him along his journey. Ryan is looking into owning commercial real estate and growing his net worth. He believes in the credit union culture and is happy to be a Tropical Financial Credit Union member. Ryan knows his stuff. He researched to see which local financial institution was the best fit for him. He was even able to meet with Tropical Financial CU’s CEO, Rich Helber.


A little about our Get Beyond Money Ultimate Fan:

His favorite episode? - Mitch’s Bagel. Ryan’s favorite bagel? Pumpernickel, but if he were a bagel, he would be more of an Everything bagel.

What does he like most about the pod? - The local element of the podcast. Learning about savings and purchasing your own home is essential to him. He loves that the pod is local regarding geography, current with his demographic.

His main takeaway? - Money is a sense of security and wellbeing. The podcast creates a community for like-minded individuals.

Which episode has stuck with him the most? The cost of dating! It helps him as he looks for that special lady. Remember, coffee first!

Ryan has been able to save money and not overextend himself. He took the Get Beyond Money Quiz to get started on the right path. Ryan has been able to apply some of the Get Beyond Money lessons to his professional career. He thinks about his disposable income and how his salary is tied to his personal finance in his professional career.

What about our hosts?

Kara’s favorite episode? How to pay down credit card debt. The conversations help give advice in a less stressful way.

Nicole’s favorite episodes? The Ultimate Boss Status, Increasing your network and your Net worth, and Being a Young Community Activist. The messages and advice in these episodes resonate with her personally.

In the end, Get Beyond Money is about feeling empowered to make the best financial decision for you. Society does not make those choices; you do. You can take control of your life and finances.

Are you tuned in?

The Get Beyond Money podcast is for local people, highlights local businesses and people making a difference in our local community. We invite you to like, share, follow and listen to our episodes. It's a great organic movement and has others sharing their experiences on how young professionals can move forward.

Are you interested in seeing how you can get beyond money and start building a financial future? Take our Get Beyond Money Quiz to begin today!