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How Auto Refinancing Can Help Pay Off Debt

Posted by Zoe on Jun 1, 2020 1:59:59 PM

When you’ve been hit with hard times how do you recover? Losing a job is devastating, but having to incur debt because of it makes it even is worse. As we speak, this is what one of my friends is going through and it’s been really tough for her. But as things slowly return to normal she’s found some guidance to help start her recovery. One thing in particular that helped her was refinancing her auto loan. Essentially she was able to qualify for a lower monthly car payment which freed up some cash for her to use each month. Enough cash, that she hasn’t had to keep charging her grocery runs on her credit card anymore…which means less debt. Check out the Auto Refi Items Checklist to see how she got started with her refinance.


GBM Auto Refinance Checklist

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