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How to Afford Gyms in Florida & Exercise Financial Fitness

Sep 23, 2020    |    Tropical Financial Credit Union

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Let’s come right out and say it, gym memberships in Florida are expensive. In fact, according to TheHustle.com an average gym membership will cost you around $700 a year and that’s not even taking boutique fitness centers into account either. Seven hundred dollars year to year can add up, especially for a young couple like Bryan and Laura. So, the question is how do people afford gyms in Florida and stay financially fit?

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Budgeting for Gym Memberships

Working out is a great outlet for people and we aren’t in the business to tell you not to do it, however what we are in the business to do is to show you how you can fit your membership into your financial situation. Bryan and Laura used the GBM Monthly Planner when they realized how much they were spending on a monthly membership. They were starting to feel the effects of paying close to $100 per month, with the budget planner they were able to visualize the organization of the monthly expense and from there prioritize what was important and move a couple expenses around.

Take Advantage of Special Member Pricing

Have you been looking at trying out that new yoga studio by the place with good iced coffee or the CrossFit joint that has shiny new equipment? Many of the boutique fitness gyms in Florida often times have special member pricing; do not be afraid to take advantage of these special prices. In fact, take advantage of the special pricing and move around to different gyms to get a feel for different workouts. You’ll be surprised at how much this can save you instead of staying at one location all the time.

Invest in a Home Gym

The initial investment of adding a home gym might feel like a bit of a splurge, but in the long-term can help to save a lot of money. Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular due to the coronavirus pandemic too, especially for those most vulnerable or still uncomfortable with working out in public and rather social distance. If you’re nervous about making the investment here’s not only good news, but two options that can help to ease the cost:

Earning Money Back with Daily Rewards Debit Card

This debit card through Tropical Financial Credit Union offer two cents back on each purchase. If you plan to make multiple purchases of equipment, clothes, and even new food to support your healthy lifestyle this can help to put a few dollars back into your pocket.

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Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards often times offer high rewards and can be great for purchases that are more expensive. Earn rewards on your investment with a credit union credit card and either cash those rewards in for statement credits or other things such as giftcards.

Discounted Monthly Subscription Apps

Ever hear anyone say, “There’s an app for that!” Along with using the budgeting planner Bryan and Laura also used a discounted monthly subscription app to get classes instead of becoming members of one gym. By using an app such as, ClassPass they were able to take classes at different studios for almost half the price. By saving money they were also able to lower their fitness budget and allocate more money to other things such as their work from home expenses. On top of this, since ClassPass is a low cost subscription service they also earn points on their monthly purchase thanks to their Daily Rewards Debit Card. Work smarter not harder, right?

The gym lifestyle is big in Florida. It’s a place where people car about their health and fitness; which also includes their financial fitness. If you’re struggling to afford those boutique fitness classes or even just a regular gym membership try out these options and keep up the good work!